Feb 8 2018

Why Choose Nia?

By Pauline Osborne

Why choose Nia?

Sep 30 2016

Nia in the Corporate World: Starting with Awareness

By Barbara Krauss


Jun 17 2016

Dancing with Community - Finding solace through Nia during hard times

By Randee Fox – Nia Faculty Trainer and Black Belt Nia Teacher

I have been teaching Nia classes since 2004. In my 16 years of teaching, I have led classes during many tragic and heartbreaking events - some personal, some local and some global.

Apr 24 2016

Prince Tributes in the Nia Seattle Community

Song writer, musician, entertainer who changed the music industry and our lives - Prince!

One of his songs, Letitgo, was in a past Nia routine called Agolo.

Feb 2 2015

February is Heart Month

Photo of Reagen Benedetti, MMA Fighter, who inspired this essay.

May 2 2014

Will I Get A Workout?

by Melanie McFarland
Nia Seattle Core Team Community Communicator

Feb 4 2014

NiaSeattle, Alive, Aligned and Thriving

By Sarah Love, with contributions from Randee Fox and the Nia Seattle Community 

Aug 6 2013

Welcome to NiaSeattle’s New Website

NiaSeattle is an association of Nia instructors in the greater Seattle and Puget sound area. Our website is supported by NiaSeattle teacher membership and funds raised through biannual jams. We encourage you to explore and find out what’s new and what’s familiar. And to come back often.