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How to Find Nia When You're Traveling

Lisa Browdy

Summer travel is great fun, but sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the touring or the family togetherness and find an hour for yourself just to recharge.  The NiaNow Class Finder is here to help!  I’ve used the class finder to dance with classes from Arizona to Connecticut, and you can find Nia in plenty of international locations as well.

Just to the right of the Nia logo on, you’ll find a dropdown menu that reads “Find Nia.” Click on “Classes” at the top of that list, and all you’ll need is a zip code or the name of the town you’re in to find a class near you.

I’ve found it prudent, especially in the summer, to click on the teacher’s name to her profile, where you will likely find an email address. Drop a note just checking to see if the class is still on, or will be on the week you’ll be in town.  Sometimes teachers forget to update their class listings, so better safe than sorry, right?

Summer can be a slow time for Nia classes – some students decide to go outside for a hike or tennis game, and teachers really appreciate having visiting dancers come through town.

The same class finder can be used if (WHEN!) you recommend Nia classes to a friend or relative in another part of the country. Nia gets known by word of mouth recommendations to people you know who might appreciate an opportunity to have fun, get fit and get loooose!