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Welcome to NiaSeattle’s New Website

NiaSeattle is an association of Nia instructors in the greater Seattle and Puget sound area. Our website is supported by NiaSeattle teacher membership and funds raised through biannual jams. We encourage you to explore and find out what’s new and what’s familiar. And to come back often.

Our first website was designed and created in 2004 by Nia teacher and trainer Randee Fox. Since then new teachers have come on board, others have left and classes are continuously evolving. Our wish is that this new site will reflect the continuing growth of our association and how we dance through life.

As a group of independent teachers trained in the Nia Technique, we strive to work together to create a fun and joyful Nia experience for every body.

Our association works with a Core Team leading the way. Here are words from each of the five members:

Jeanna Wheeler

We are blessed here in the Seattle area to have a very large and diverse community of Nia practitioners.  However, our large numbers also have the effect that most of us don't know each other personally.  With our busy schedules and commitments to teach in our own communities, we rarely have the opportunity to participate as students in each other’s classes.  It is so important for us to come together as a community once in a while, and form the connections that make the difference between an email list and a true network of support.  As the Meeting Mobilizer, I'd love to hear your ideas about how I can facilitate diverse gatherings.  Of course, many of us will dance together twice a year at the jams, and we have a business meeting once a year for all the nuts and bolts.  Let me know if you'd like to host a gathering at your home or dance space where we can all get together to have fun, chat about Nia, and deepen the roots of this community.

Jennifer Lucero-Earle

When I experienced my first Nia class ten years ago I knew I had discovered something unique and special. Nia was the first movement modality I had experienced that stimulated not only my body but also my heart, psyche and spirit. In the Nia, Nia-Yoga and Nia 5 Stages classes I facilitate, I strive to bring and encourage this full range of expression. I love teaching and equally love being a student to my wonderful Nia colleagues. My goal as Community Communicator is to encourage new Nia belt graduates to join and engage with the NiaSeattle community.  I hear from my students all the time that they love how supportive, encouraging, loving, fun, joyful and community-oriented the Nia community is. It brings me great joy to play a supporting part in growing and nurturing this supportive and collaborative community. 

Jena Hennessey

I am grateful for every opportunity to practice Nia, moving with purpose! I experience my body teaching my mind, spirit, and emotions about strength, stability, flexibility, agility and mobility every time I step in to the dance. I am blessed to move in natural time with my community of the moment. Each circle, unique and perfect! As it has been since I first met Nia on Bainbridge Island in 1998.

I know the meaning and purpose of my life is to participate in creating more conscious community moving in joy. Nia informs all aspects of my living, from frolicking with family to teaching and practicing massage. It has educated me to sense and move toward pleasure and be brave enough to wish to practice radical unconditional self love as often as I remember to. Nia gives me a way to direct my energy wherever I wish for it to flow. This nourishes me to feel helpful and in right mind.

I love to Jam with the Nians! We have such fun! Our last jam raised $300 and we now have enough for this new website so we can reach more of our Niamily out there who want to dance and play and sweat, but do not yet know us. I am excited for all we will grow into together! Thank you for being part of this community!

Jason Alan Griffin

In 1996, when I first started teaching Nia here in Seattle, I was the only one in town doing it. Now that I've moved back here, after living in New York City for 11 years, I'm delighted to see that a full community has grown! These days, it is my honor and privilege as your Jam Juggler to organize our biannual Nia teacher Jams. It feels so good to get the community together twice a year to give everyone in Seattle the opportunity to appreciate and celebrate all of the Nia teacher talent and passion we have locally.

Sarah Love

Nia has taught me how to move and dance through life with joy. Whether I’m teaching a Nia class, working with my Nia colleagues and students, or working in my ‘regular’ job, Nia has brought much joy in my life. For this I am most grateful.

If you are new to Nia, please feel free to explore this site. Find a teacher in your area. Then take classes from other teachers for a different flavor of Nia. Come to one of our Jams and experience a variety of teachers in a 90-minute fun-filled class and leave with a smile on your face.

Working on this website has also been a joy to bring to you. May you find the joy of movement in a class in your neighborhood or drop us a line with your thoughts and suggestions. Everybody is welcome!