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9:30am to 10:30am
Class Location
Emerald City Judo
14950 Northeast 95th Street Suite A/B, Building 3
989052 Redmond , WA
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**Due to the COVID-19 Outbreak we have moved our classes virtually taking into consideration what is best for the health of our community. Please go to for instructions on how to join us online.

Open to the general community. Drop-in's welcomed.

"Pay from the Heart" donation model. You choose your price. All are welcome.

I, Pauline, and many of my students, are very sensitive to fragrance, and will suffer allergic reactions to any scented products around us. Classes are a Scent Free Zone. Please don’t wear perfume and or any products that contain fragrance or essential oils the day of class. Examples of scented products are: lotions, deodorants, hair gel, hair spray, laundry detergent, dryer sheets and more. It's important to check your products as people often aren't aware of their own scent. Learn more about Fragrance Free and how to make the change.   If you have any questions about this, please contact me. 

For more information visit or contact Pauline Osborne at or 425-702-2416.

Please contact Pauline for any questions (Not Emerald City Judo) for accurate class information.


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9:30am to 10:45am
Class Location
Sammamish YMCA
831 228th Ave SE
98075 Sammamish , WA
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Central District
Tuesday, Thursday
6:00pm to 7:15pm
Class Location
Fusion Kung Fu & Movement Arts
1706 S Jackson St
98144 Seattle , WA
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***This class is temporarily happening online, due to the coronavirus pandemic.  You can register for class at the following website:  Since the online classes are presented in collaboration with Move2Center studio, their students can also use their studio passes to attend.  You also have the option to pay Jeanna directly.  Contact Jeanna at if you have any questions about how to attend or pay for these online classes.  The Tuesday class will be Moving To Heal format, and the Thursday class will be Classic Nia format.***

This class for all levels is located at the Fusion Kung Fu studio in the Central District.  Wear comfortable clothes for sweating in, and for moving both standing up and sitting/lying on the floor. No special footwear needed; all classes are danced barefoot.  Many students in my classes are new to Nia -- beginners are most welcome!

Studio is located at the Squire Park Plaza apartment building on Jackson St. between 18th & 17th Aves.  Free street parking is readily available.

$12 single drop-in class / $100 10-class card (no expiration)

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
10:30am to 11:30am
with Jag
Class Location
Balance Studio
418 N 35th St.
98103 Seattle , WA
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**Updated April 28, 2020
Check back here for updates or contact Jag to be put on the Notify List.
In the meantime Jag is offering his online Human Movement program. Visit here for details.

Seattle's First Nia teacher, JAG is a First Degree Black Belt who has taught in almost every state in the USA as well as in Italy and Ireland. JAG is passionate about health and fitness and learning about our bodies. His classes are fun, athletic and informative.  You will be challenged physically and mentally and leave inspired, refreshed and invigorated. His classes are appropriate for all fitness levels as he teaches with the philosophy that each body has its own version of every movement.

In addition to Nia, JAG has studied ballet, jazz and modern dance, massage, personal training, improv and formal acting, aikido, yoga, Yogafit and Yoga Tune-Up, the Feldenkrais and Alexander techniques, tai chi, step aerobics, Nia Five Stages and Nia FreeDance. He is also a certified personal trainer and created a format he calls Energy Flow that combines Nia Five Stages and FloorPlay with calisthentics, yoga and HIIT (high intensity interval training). Although his approach is almost disarmingly casual, he brings a great deal of education, experience and integrity into all the classes he teaches. 

Drop-In to class for $15 any time.

$70 for a 5-class card --($14/class)

$130 for a 10-class card --($13/class)

Checks, cash, or credit card accepted immediately before or after class. 
Or pay through PayPal.

Nia with JAG