Dance with Your Doc & Move with Your Healer

Sunday, March 18, 2018 - 15:00 to 17:00
Emerald City Judo
14950 Northeast 95th Street
98052 Redmond , WA

Exercise has many health benefits and providers are often recommending exercise to their patients. But how do we incorporate movement into our lives? For this special event, experience an opportunity for patients and providers to exercise and learn together.

The event includes Nia, an integrative joyful movement program, with Pauline Osborne, RN and yoga with Dr. Patti Shelton. After the class, Dr. David Musnick will present “Design Your Exercise Program” with community discussion.

The event is free. Class is taught on Olympic Style judo mats. No shoes are allowed on the mats. Students who are have foot issues, usually find that it isn't necessary to wear shoes. The mats often provide the support they need while allowing the feet to be "free". =)

Invite your healthcare provider and/or your clients/patients to this free event. Let's connect and focus on health and wellness together. If you are a healthcare provider, bring your business cards to share at the event.