Learn the Moves to the Nia routine “Deep Dive” Workshop

Monday, February 20, 2017 -
10:30 to 12:30
Balance Studio
418 N. 35th St.
98103 Seattle , WA

Have you ever wanted to learn and develop grater mastery of the moves to a Nia routine? If so, join me for this two-hour workshop where I will break down the moves from the Nia routine “Deep Dive.”

During the first hour you will learn each move from the base, core and upper extremities of the body. Then, we will dance the full routine, allowing you to practice and deepen your learning.

This fun workshop is open to everyone, whether you are new to Nia or a long-time student.

Deep Dive is a 2017 Nia routine choreographed by Nia trainer Winalee Zeeb. This routine teaches you to “be like water and connect to the liquid space within the body and with each movement you make…As you connect to fluid movement from move to move and song to song, notice the enhanced ease of mobility…The choreography invites you to sense for stability in the base steps and stances in order to provide ease of mobility in your core and upper extremities.” If you’d like, you can preview and download the music to Deep Dive here.

Cost: $30 preregister, $35 at the door (Jennifer's class card holders can use two punches on their class card)
$30 pre/$35 door