Nia and Horses Training: This summer dance with a horse!

Saturday, July 21, 2018 - 08:00 to 16:00
Blue Heron Ranch Moving Arts and Equestrian
25025 NE 8th Street
98074 Sammamish

‘Nia and Horses’ this summer!

By Randee Fox - Black Belt Nia Educator and creator and trainer of Nia and Horses ®

Deepening movement awareness with horses from a place of joy and confident physical comfort

Hello! I would like to invite you to experience a one-day Nia and Horses Training at my ranch in Sammamish this summer. I am offering two dates in July -  

Saturday, July 14 is now filled so registration for and Saturday, July 21, 2018 is open.

Learning and practicing the ‘Nia and Horses’ rituals helps us release excess mental and emotional energy and invites us to be in a safe place of grounded physical awareness through sensation. When horses sense that we are physically connected to our own energy and body and they read this as ‘grounded leadership’ and they are naturally more apt to connect and yield leadership to us and follow, allowing us to direct their movement in partnership.

There is a natural ‘coming and going’ of this connection to our bodies and as we become more aware and comfortable in our bodies while being with horses we ‘draw inward’ this ‘embodied leadership’ with more and more ease. The key is to learn to maintain and sustain this ‘grounded leadership’ via our own physical sensations, while in the presence of a horse. This takes time and practice to learn. 


We do this through a series of ‘connection rituals’, which are formulated from the The Nia Techniqueprinciples. They teach us to sense and track a multitude of physical sensations and settle into a place of confident physical comfort within our own bodies first. They are easy to learn, creative, relaxing, fun to practice and, over time, help us to move from physical sensation initially, rather than letting our emotional or mental energy take over.  

The ‘Nia and Horses’ rituals become lifetime awareness tools allowing us to:

• Access thoughts and feelings and move with them, without losing our connection to our physical sensations.

• Keep us physically aware, safe and healthy.

• Enhance and bring deep pleasure to our body and to the moment we are living in.

Nia and Horses Somatic Education Opportunities more information here.

Contact me for registration and more information.

 Randee Fox - 'Nia and Horses' Teacher