NiaSeattle is offering a limited opportunity to experience a wide variety of Nia teachers at one low-risk price.

For $40 you can experience up to 5 different teachers of your choice, within a six-month period.

Only 25 Sampler Passes are available!

Take classes from teachers in the

  • North - Naomi Scher, Sarah Love
  • South - Jeanna Wheeler, Christine Mae Wolf
  • Central - JAG, Shea Marsh
  • East - Pauline Osborne, Randee Fox, Rossella Vanti, Vicci Kane
  • West - Ann Nicolaysen, Juliann Taube, Melanie McFarland

Our Puget Sound Region has the privilege of a diverse array of teachers, each with different styles; yet each providing the Nia experience.

The Sampler Pass is NiaSeattle's way of encouraging and enabling you to experience this first hand.

It’s fun, easy and affordable to discover new joys and challenges as you sample “new to you” teachers.

Because the Sampler Pass is intended for the spirit of exploration, we ask you to use this pass only to take a tour of teachers in the region that you may not be familiar with.

It also makes a perfect gift for someone you think might be interested in trying Nia, but doesn’t know where to start.

How it works:

  1. Pay $40 using the Buy Now button.
  2. After payment you will be emailed the Sampler Pass that is valid for six months from the date of payment.
  3. Bring the printed Sampler Pass to any of the participating teachers listed and present it for admission to class. You may use the Sampler Pass one time per teacher.
  4. The teacher will sign and date your sheet and record your name in her/his file.
  5. Enjoy the many different styles and personalities of our awesome NiaSeattle teachers. Get the pleasure of dancing in new spaces with new people.
  6. Take up to five classes. The pass expires six months after purchase date
  7. Treat the printed Sampler Pass like cash. You must bring it with you and present it for a signature for admission. Do not lose the Sampler Pass as it is irreplaceable.