Nia® Blue Belt Training with Britta Von Tagen

Nia® Blue Belt Training with Britta Von Tagen in April 2020

April 11th at 11:00am

Explore the Art of Communication, Relationship and Intimacy

with Britta Von Tagen

April 11-17, 2020 

Following the White Belt Training, the Nia® Blue Belt is the next step along the path for both the Nia® teacher and the non-teaching practitioner.

This  second level of Nia® education, explores how to create healthy relationships through body-centered communication.

This week-long exploration of the Art of Communication, Relationship, & Intimacy introduces the next set of 13 Nia® principles, which focus on the mental, emotional and spiritual realms of the body. While the White Belt curriculum focuses entirely on awareness of physical sensation, Blue Belt applies these skills to explore internal sensations as perceived through – but distinct from – physical sensations in the body.

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The benefits of the Nia® Blue Belt extend beyond your movement practice as well. What participants learn during this training can be applied to elsewhere, to cultivate ease and clarity in professional relationships and communication, and to strengthen interpersonal bonds with partners, family  and friends.

Move2Center co-founder Melanie McFarland shares this observation about Nia® Blue Belt's essence:

"Where my Nia® White Belt training opened my eyes to new possibilities for finding joy , the Nia® Blue Belt empowered me to express myself in ways that were previously unknown to me. I am a writer, a communicator by profession, and this was an essential step to my personal evolution as well as my career evolution. It's also my favorite Belt training -- and the first one I completed with Britta Von Tagen. No coincidence there!"

Your Investment: $1599

$799.50  is due upon registration

$799.50 balance is due 30 days prior to  the start of the training, i.e. March 11, 2020.

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The Perks of  Training at Move2Center

"I love Move2Center Studio ... Seattle is lucky to have such lovely Nia-focused studio! I completed my White Belt at Move2Center, and wish I lived closer so I could dance there all the time!" -- White Belt Kitty Christensen, 2018

Move2Center's founders and teachers take great joy and pleasure in creating a magical, comfortable experience for our community. Our studio has two large bathrooms that can be used for changing and freshening up. We also provide hot towel service with aromatherapy and tea service, as well as complimentary  chocolate for all of our visitors. We look forward to taking extra-special care of our belt trainees.

For Seattle and Western Washington residents, having a training in our area allows the opportunity to head back home in the evening, sleep in your own bed, soak in your tub, order your favorite pizza -- you catch our drift. Belt trainings in other cities are fantastic...but you have to pay for lodging and food.

For those who are heading into Seattle from other cities, however, Move2Center is located steps away from
The Grove West Seattle Inn,  a recently restored, well-reviewed and beloved mid-century motor inn. The Grove is reasonably priced, clean and comfortable. And Move2Center is also happy to assist trainees in finding other affordable accommodations within the area and our community.

Move2Center is located a couple of blocks away from
Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe, serving healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. The studio is within walking distance to Trader Joe's and many great restaurants on California Avenue, featuring everything from some of the city's best sushi to an extraordinary French bakery to, of course, Cupcake Royale.

April 11th at 11:00am to April 17th at 11:00am
$$1599 ($799.50 is due upon registration)
Move2Center Studio
3618 SW Alaska St.
Seattle , WA
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