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Ann Nicolaysen

As a performing artist, body worker, and former fitness instructor, I know that movement is powerful medicine - and Nia has offered me the best medicine yet!  Through inspiring music and intuitive choreography, Nia provides us with the perfect playground to deepen our awareness of our bodies and how they want to move in order to heal and thrive.

For the past thirty years my path has been, and continues to be, the exploration of the magnificent human form.  This comes from my love of the performing and healing arts.  I began my journey as an  aerobics/fitness instructor, then received my BFA in acting from Cornish College of The Arts, and went on to discover a rewarding twenty plus-year path as a massage and craniosacral therapist specializing in connective tissue therapies.

I have been a Certified White Belt instructor since the fall of 2010 and recently completed my Blue Belt  in September 2013.  Come dance, move and sweat with me!  My intent in every Nia class is to create a safe and compelling field that enhances and empowers your joy of movement.