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Gayle Holeton

When a demanding job was playing havoc with my health, I knew something had to change to return not only to physical health but mental as well. Voila! In 2004 I accidently walked into Randee Fox’s Nia class and never looked back. Coming from an educational background I very quickly jumped into teaching and journeyed through the Belts getting my  Black Belt from Ann Christenson in 2012 and 1st Degree Black Belt from Debbie Rosas in 2014.   We moved to my  "Spirit Home" in the mountains of Leavenworth, Wa.  in 2012 and now have a thriving community here with 4 teachers. The beauty of Nature, the intimate community, reverence for the quality of health and well being provide a soothing yet invigorating stage for “Nia on the East Side of the Divide.”

I am also teaching 5 stages of self-healing playshops, Move to Heal, and Nia with children.