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Jag first got interested in health and fitness as a child when he would watch the Jack LaLanne show on TV before going to school.

During school, he was an athlete, enjoying wrestling, tennis and swimming. After school, in order to stay active, he started studying dance. Ballet led him to Jazz which led him to Modern dance, which he studied and performed for years.

In college he studied exercise science and ever since, has been involved in the health and fitness industry. In addition to teaching aerobics, he was also a personal trainer and massage therapist. His injuries and frequent pain and discomfort are what brought him to discover Nia. Once that happened, he never put his shoes back on.

Jag acquired his White Belt in 1996 and got his Black Belt in 2004. In 2014, he achieved the First Degree Black Belt level and then finally became a Second Degree Black Belt in 2019. He has also been trained in the Nia Five Stages technique and as a Nia FreeDance DJ.

He has created several unique routines but is not a Nia Faculty Trainer so they are not available through any other teacher. He presents them, as well as workshops and classic Nia classes, throughout the USA. Inspired by being stuck at home during the Covid 19 crisis, Jag designed a way for people all over the world to enjoy a program called Human Movement which he created in 2008 to recover from a shoulder injury. Starting in May 2020, Jag is making it available online. For more information visit https://jasonalangriffin.blogspot.com/2020/04/human-movement.html?m=1

Jag believes gathering with other people is an important aspect of health and wellness. He also believes it's important for our health to be outdoors to get sunshine, walk on grass and be exposed to soil and natural elements.  So he created a program where he takes individuals or couples for fun workouts he calls "PlayDates in the Park".  Visit here for more information https://jasonalangriffin.blogspot.com/2021/05/play-in-park-with-personal-trainer.html

Jag’s passion is for improving health and fitness in the most fun and enjoyable way possible. His classes are high energy and filled with important lessons about moving and self-care and balanced with a great deal of fun, playful goofiness.

You will leave Jag's class feeling refreshed, relaxed and invigorated and you will very likely learn something about your body every time.