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Juliann Taube

I am a life-long dancer.  My Mom always says that I was dancing before I could walk.  Eye-hand coordination is not one of my strengths.  But I can dance.  I think my tennis racket has a hole in it.  But I can dance.  I have been known to trip over air in my living room.  But I can dance.  If dance is absent from my life, everything looks a little darker...

It was during one of these darker periods of my life that I took my first Nia class with Jill Pagano. The light came back!  The combination of dance, martial arts, healing arts was a revelation to me.  It was FUN!  I didn't have to perform.  I could just DANCE.  The practice was the practice.  And the community!  So open and welcoming.  So positive and supportive.  I loved it.  After practicing for a year and a half, I felt the pull of the White Belt.  I wanted to learn more.  I don't know when I made the conscious decision to teach, but I taught my first class at a women's retreat in August of 2014.  I have been stepping in as a substitute for the lovely teachers at the Center for Movement and Healing in West Seattle ever since.

I look forward to DANCING with YOU soon!