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Randee Fox

NOTE! Due to Coronavirus Pandemic classes are not being held at YMCAs or Blue Heron Ranch. However you can join a live class with me and the community via the Zoom.us online platform on Saturdays at 10:30 AM starting sometime in April. I am currently setting it up and testing it. These classes will be FREE and/or by donation only. If you are interested in joining, please email me at randeefox@gmail.com and I will send you a link.

With a background in dance and music and as a professional visual artist and horse trainer/teacher – I enjoy teaching the practice of Nia to people who are drawn to the arts and are horse lovers and equestrians. My art and horse education professions have profoundly expanded by infusing the practice of Nia.

I am a Second Degree Black Belt Nia Teacher. I teach classic Nia, Nia Five Stages, Nia Moving to Heal, Nia FreeDance and Nia 52 moves as well as Nia and Horses - body language and energetic communication with horses both on the ground and when riding. My classes and special events are fun, filled with creativity, adventure and surprise. You will gain a more finely tuned sense of aesthetic, rhythm and timing and a wider range of physical creative enhancement tools through Nia’s movement forms and musicality.

Feed your creative appetite and immerse yourself into the week-long White Belt Training and retreat, grounded in nature, harmony, ease and physical sensation at The Blue Heron Ranch Studio on my horse ranch. Here, you can also choose to test out and apply your White Belt principles dancing with horses. Or, bring me to your studio, ranch or farm for a deep exploration of the science, craft and art of Nia.

My three weekly Nia classes are rich with artistry, are athletic, energizing and fun with a warm community to welcome you at three beautiful professional dance studio locations - The Blue Heron Ranch Studio in Sammamish, Sammamish Family YMCA and Bellevue Family YMCA.