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Sarah Love

My Nia story begins in 1999 when I moved to Portland OR to dissolve a 20-year marriage. A friend invited me to Dance Your Prayers at Body Moves (now Nia headquarters). While I waited for my friend I read a flyer on Nia and thought, this is the exercise program I’ve been looking for. Nia was an answer to my prayers. With a frozen shoulder I began taking classes from Debbie and Carlos. My shoulder healed and I went on to take my white and blue belts from them. I also danced through my divorce (my ex and I are good friends) and decided that the best way to have Nia in my life is to teach it. I so love helping people become acquainted with their bodies and grow to love them. Nia helps me every day working in the advertising world, in my art, writing, ordinary activities and most of all – staying healthy. What a joy!