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Shandi Wolfe-Weaver

If you've ever taken a class with Shandi (Shawn-dee)  you know her as a dynamic Nia Black Belt and Moving to Heal teacher--she has been practicing Nia since 2001, and teaching since 2006. Holding degrees in Sociology and Psychology; a lifelong musician and shamanic sound-worker Shandi utilizes her many talents to create a unique and meaningful class experience. Shandi is a  teacher in the true sense of the word. She is available for mentorship to new teachers preparing for the classroom, and those wishing to develop and enrich their teaching skills. She also offers emersion workshops to deepen your Nia experience, supports NiaSeattle regional teachers who wish to offer "New to Nia" workshops and serves as Jam-Juggler on the Core Team for NiaSeattle. Please reach out to her with all quesitons and mentorship inquiries