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Shea Marsh

“Shea Marsh has an athletic, fun and conscious” style. I am a fitness enthusiast! I love training the body and mind. I discovered Nia after 10 years of being a running coach, pacer and rehabilitation trainer.  I noticed my own body was looking for a new way to move. A way that felt good, a way to get looser and move smoothly between levels and planes. A way to recover and heal. A way to joyfully move. One morning in 2008 I tried a Nia class. My body celebrated, my mind was challenged and my spirit beamed. Three years later I became a Nia teacher and this year I became a Nia Black Belt. I am forever a student. Because of my Nia practice, each year I am increasingly mobile, flexible, balanced, and agile. Nia is great training for a healthy mind.  Every class is about conditioning you as a whole.  No experience necessary, no specific body, age or background needed. Come as you are, and that is where we start.

I invite you to embrace your conditioning and love your workout.  Join me, let's begin training: Live your play!