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Veronica Connolly-Bagshaw

A certified Brown Belt Nia instructor, Veronica has been teaching Nia since 2001. She brings her 30 years of knowledge and experience in integrative health sciences, dance, yoga, martial arts, experiential education and outdoor adventuring to her classes. “Movement really is medicine, good for not just the body, but the heart, mind & soul, as well. What I love about Nia is how inclusive it is—everybody can do it, move, dance in their own way. Its focus on the powerful mind-body link, exercise science, body awareness, creative expression and its non-judgmental attitude makes it so much more than a fitness class. It not only gets you fit, it brings you back to a deep delight in and ability to connect with your own body, rhythm, music—all with your own unique style.”

Veronica strives to create a “sacred space” with an atmosphere of lightness, warmth, invitation, depth, community, and play—a movement class equivalent to the old “Cheers” show—where everyone knows your name! She also teaches Healing Moves Yoga Thursday evenings at RSC, maintains a private counseling practice in Bellevue, and offers wellness-based informative, inspiring workshops and retreats. Visit her website for more info on Veronica.