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Alyson Young

Alyson has been involved in dance and movement since she was a toddler. She has enjoyed a life-long love of dance and an appreciation for the joy that is experienced through movement. As a young child, Alyson was already drawn to the concept of improving wellness through movement. As an Energy Medicine Practitoner, Alyson feels an acute sense of connection, "tuned-in" to her body and experiences empathetic sensation when working with others.  Even with that strong sense of being, "tuned-in," Alyson has found that practicing Nia has fundamentally changed and improved her relationship to being in her body, to movement, and the expression of inner spirit through dancing the body's way.  Alyson is passionate about sharing this joy of being in the body, experiencing presence and empowered expression, wellness through movement, and many more gifts that we can explore through Nia!

After studying Wildlife Biology and Social Sciences in college, including Psychology, Women's Studies and Child Development, and then after the birth of her first child, becoming trained as a Natural Childbirth Educator and Labor Doula, Alyson still was looking for the way to pull it all together and begin to manifest her desire to help people (children, adults, and families), as well as animals. In 2006, Alyson became certified as a Reiki practitioner and Reiki Master/Teacher. At this time, she also began to study (formally) Animal Communication and Shamanism, and started a healing practice called, Windancer Healing Arts, offering energetic healing for people and animals. In 2009, Alyson continued her studies in energetic healing and became a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner through the Vermont Center for Energy Medicine. Recognizing the integral importance of movement as a means for healing, as well as a way to nurture her soul, Alyson began to investigate Nia as a movement practice. Nia provides a means for creating a joyful practice through which healing and wellness are added bonuses! In January of 2011, Alyson became a Certified and Licensed Nia Instructor and has very much enjoyed the opportunity to share this practice with people in bodies of all ages, shapes, and fitness levels.

With all the beauty that Nia brings us, Alyson experiences this practice primarily as an opportunity for healing, wellness, and connection.  Alyson strives to hold space for the whole community to feel safe and supported while exploring the joy of being in our bodies and honoring our souls. Every class brings a unique journey.  Let's adventure together!